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Cronulla Granny Flat

Aden Moxon - Friday, April 05, 2019
Cronulla Granny Flat - blog post image


Granny flats are a far cry from the converted fibro shed they once used to be. One of the benefits of building a granny flat is simply the smaller size means you can afford all the luxurious finishes.

Granny flats are popular for housing senior family members, a home base for grey nomads, home offices and newly married couples. In 2019, families are wanting their parents and grandparents (and sometimes grown up children!) close to home and with rising property prices, it’s much more financially viable to live on the same property. Granny flats are the perfect solution: they keep families feeling reassured while giving the elderly a sense of independence.

Since 2009, the NSW Government has made it a lot easier to get development approved with new planning policies. The provisions allow property owners to build granny flats bigger and better than before, without the lengthy council approval process required in other states.

There are many reasons why you could choose to build a granny flat as an investment option on your property:

  • Luxury guesthouse
    Brilliant home studio
    House the in-laws, grandparents or parents
    Rental income
    Increase the total value of your property

Photos shown are of Cronulla granny flat project we are building for Site Design Studios. We actually built the existing home on the block back in 2015.
Stay tuned for photo updates.