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Solar Roofing Tiles

Aden Moxon - Thursday, December 06, 2018
Solar Roofing Tiles - blog post image

As they say, the greatest ideas are often the simplest. With one of the biggest average home sizes in the world, and bucket loads of sun, it makes sense to turn Australia's roofs into giant solar generating machines.

An Australian company, the award winning Tractile has spent the past eight years refining an ingenious solution - solar roofing tiles. These tiles turn sunlight into the energy needed to power a house. Best of all, they come in a variety of styles to integrate seamlessly with your roof, whether smooth or textured to look like asphalt or slate.

While still pricier than traditional solar panels retrofitted on a roof, solar roof tiles are predicted to become cheaper as production increases. And because they blend into your roof, they’re a lot more attractive.

According to, the complete installed cost for 4kW of Tractile Eclipse solar PV tiles on a 300m2 roof with compatible Tractile tiles in SE Queensland (including the solar-warmed water and heat exchange tank and inverter) is $55,000 after rebates. Something to think about when building your new home!