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Cremate your crap.

Aden Moxon - Wednesday, April 17, 2019
Cremate your crap. - blog post image

Incineration toilets are designed to turn your biological waste to completely bacteria-free ashes. They are safe and simple to use and require no water, plumbing or a major reno to install!

You might be curious as to how one of these work. They look exactly like a regular toilet, but without the plumbing. Instead they have an air outlet connected to outside which sucks any smells out and pushes it through the chimney. When you're ready to go, the only inconvenience you might find is that you need to line the bowl with a liner for each use. Simply do your business, press the start button and the waste is automatically incinerated at a high temperature and reduced to a tiny amount of ash which needs periodic emptying, depending on usage.

Some incineration toilets claim that the amount of ash that needs to be removed is about one teacup per four people over a week. The ash remains are completely sterile and contain nutrients like potassium and phosphorus, creating a completely environmentally friendly poop experience!

The electricity used is a bit on the high side and the toilets themselves are expensive, but it is an exciting innovation that will hopefully improve even more in the future.

Incinerator toilets are great for remote areas and applications such as:

  • remote cabins
  • construction sites
  • mining sites
  • areas where access to water is limited