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Tips to keep your home cool in NSW!

Aden Moxon - Monday, March 04, 2019
Tips to keep your home cool in NSW! - blog post image

Image shown: Our Bronte renovation, Sydney NSW

As we head into Autumn in Sydney, the days are still heading into 30ÂșC+ and by now you probably wish you'd thought more about the construction of your home and what you could have done to keep it cooler without blowing the budget on aircon! If you're ready to build, make sure you think about some of these simple tips:

  • - Create Shade - especially around west and north facing windows. Use removable shades or plants.
  • - Eaves - choose eaves at the right angle to shade windows more in summer and less in winter.
  • - Create Flow - if renovating or building, carefully plan doors and windows for maximum air flow. Remember hot air rises.
  • - Expert Insulation - insulating the ceiling is number one priority. Un-insulated ceilings can add up to 35% more heat indoors. Have an expert install for you.
  • - Shut it Out - keep doors and windows shut during the day when it's really hot and use blinds or curtains where possible.
  • - Brick and Concrete - brick walls and a concrete floor slab will even out the temperature of north facing rooms in summer and store the sun's energy in winter.
  • - Fan-tastic - ceiling fans are now designed in many shapes and sizes and can be used as a design feature to your home as well as an energy efficient way to cool down.